Compared with singe mast lift, MORNLIFT double mast lift has a larger load capacity and a higher lifting height.

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Compared with singe mast lift, MORNLIFT double mast lift has a larger load capacity and a higher lifting height. This man lift features excellent stability, flexible operation and is easy to move. Double mast lifts are widely used in factories, hotels, buildings, shopping malls, stations, airports and stadiums for the installation and maintenance of power lines, lighting appliances, overhead pipelines, as well as cleaning at heights.
double mast lift Platform Cage
Platform Cage
Double mast platform railing is made of aluminum alloy, light and sturdy; the surrounding guardrail is foldable.
double mast lift Safe lowering knob
Safe Lowering Knob
Ensure that the device can be manually lowered in case of accident.
double mast lift Handle for push and pull
Handle for Push and Pull
double mast lift ladder to the platform
Ladder to Platform
The ladder can be tilted at a 45-degree angle for easy climbing by pulling out the slider at the bottom.
Control System
Platform control box : Two-button operation to prevent unintended operation caused by accidental touch.
double mast lift Control System
Ground Control Box:
Easy to operate, equipped with emergency stop button: All actions of the device can be stopped in case of emergency.
double mast lift Ground control boX
Forklift Pocket
The design of the machine is convenient for handling by forklift.
double mast lift Forklift pocket
It adopts plug-in aluminum alloy outrigger with large stressed area and good stability.
double mast lift Outrigger
  • Small in size, two mast lift can easily pass standard doors and elevators.
  • Traceless 20 tires made of synthetic high elastic rubber are more environmentally friendly and quiet.
  • The GRTPU towline cable on the upper control signal line improves abrasion resistance.
  • The internal transmission adopts imported oily materials to realize self-lubrication and maintenance-free.
  • Imported rotating plug-in outriggers provide larger force-bearing area and more stable support.


TAM0.2-6 6 250 1,450*700 380/220/110 610 660 1,450*810*1,990
TAM0.2-8 8 250 1,450*700 380/220/110 645 695 1,450*810*1,990
TAM0.2-10 10.4 250 1,450*700 380/220/110 715 765 1,450*810*1,990
TAM0.2-12 12 200 1,450*700 380/220/110 750 800 1,450*810*1,990
TAM0.2-14 14 200 1,800*700 380/220/110 892 942 1,880*810*2,680
TAM0.2-16 16 150 1,800*700 380/220/110 996 1,046 1,880*810*2,680


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