If you have no dedicated loading bays, it can create a safe work environment at the rear of vehicle


MORN LIFT Mobile Loading Platform is a flexible equipment designed for loading and offloading goods or pallets from vehicles in places where no dedicated loading bays are deployed. Its liftable platform can be suitable for different heights of vehicle bodies. With a safe working load of 3000kg (or more if required) the size of the platform can be designed to suit your requirements. For more details, please check the models and parameters below.


Platform size1600*2600mm1600*2000mm1600*2000mm  
Lifting height1.7m1.7m1.7m  
Load capacity2000kg3000kg3000kg  
Limit switchCHNTCHNTDelixi with remote control  
Chain 16A16A  
Guide5.5mm C steel100H steel * 4pcs100H steel * 4pcs  
Platform3mm diamond plate  
Outer frame main support120*60mm rectangular tube & 50*100mm rectangular tube  
Tongue/tail board6mm diamond plate  
Main support80*40mm rectangular tube  
Cylinder63φ*2 pcs  
Pump station3KW/380V  

  • Designed specifically for safely & efficiently loading & unloading goods to & from lorries, shipping containers or mezzanines.
  • Easily movable by one person. The platform can be mobile on wheels with its light self weight.
  • Manufactured from mild steel. Strong and sturdy base frame.
  • High safety with chains to secure openings when not in use and flaps to bridge the gap to the vehicle.
  • Smaller storage space as both the front and end ramps can be folded up when not in use.
  • Minimized service cost with no hydraulics to maintain.
  • Ideal for emptying trucks or containers of non-palletised goods: move the goods onto pallets on the platform and then use a forklift to collect the pallet.


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