MORNLIFT single man lift is compact, low-weight, and well suited for increasing productivity in the workplace.

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MORNLIFT single man lift is compact, low-weight, and well suited for increasing productivity in the workplace. This man lift has good maneuverability, suitable for single person operation. With a compact structure, it easily enters the elevator and smoothly pass through standard doorway and narrow passages. Single man lifts are ideal for indoor aerial installation and maintenance operations in small space.

single mast lift Outrigger Interlock
Outrigger Interlock
The machine can be operated only when all four legs are properly inserted into the socket and locked, and four indicators on the control panel all light up, ensuring worker’s safety.
single mast lift Control System
Control System
Two-hand control device is installed on the control panel on the platform. Press and hold the ascending or descending button and the “common” button to start the corresponding action.
single mast lift Emergency lowering system
Emergency Lowering System
The platform can be lowered by manual down button in case of power failure.
single mast lift Auxiliary Mobile Wheels
Auxiliary Mobile Wheels
There are 2 small wheels at the rear of the lift (slightly higher position behind the big wheel); the big wheel is the center of gravity. When encountering a small slope, the small wheels can be used to make the machine incline slightly and move freely.
Leveling Device
Easy to observe whether the lift is in balance, guaranteeing workers safety.
single mast lift Leveling Device
More convenient for operators to drag or pull lifts.
single mast lift Handle
 Support Leg
Adjustable support leg, easier for operators to adjust the lift to be in balance.
single mast lift
Insert type loading handle
Insert Type Loading Handle More convenient for operators to move the lift.
single mast lift Insert type loading handle

  • The compact size, easily pass through standard doors and elevators.
  • Traceless 20 tires, made of artificial high-elastic rubber, more environmentally friendly and quiet.
  • The GRTPU towline cable for the upper control signal line improves the wear resistance.
  • The internal transmission adopts imported oily material to achieve self-lubrication and maintenance-free.
  • Imported rotary type inserted legs,  larger force area, and more stable support.


TAM0.1-5 4.7 150 kg 670*660 380/220/110 300 355 1,240*740*1,990
TAM0.1-6 6.2 150 kg 670*660 380/220/110 320 355 1,240*740*1,990
TAM0.1-8 7.8 150 kg 670*660 380/220/110 345 380 1,360*740*1,990
TAM0.1-9 9.2 150 kg 670*660 380/220/110 365 400 1,400*740*1,990
TAM0.1-10 10.4 136 kg 670*660 380/220/110 385 420 1,420*740*1,990
TAM0.1-12 12 120 kg 670*660 380/220/110 460 495 1,450*810*2,680


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