Improved design, simplified structure. Smaller dimension but more load capacity. Enhance your work efficiency and benefit.


MORN LIFT Mini Smart Forklift is designed to lift pallets or goods with 550kg load capacity and 1500mm lifting height. It is driven by battery power with a longer service life, ecological and economical. Mini Smart Forklift is an ideal facility to load/unload goods in stacking warehouses, supermarkets, workshops, production lines or handling goods on/off trucks, containers, etc.


Load CapacityLifting HeightDimensionsSelf WeightBattery

Smart Pallet ForkLift 1
Connection bar
Smart Pallet ForkLift 2
Pump station & Hydraulic cylinder
Smart Pallet ForkLift 3
Smart Pallet ForkLift 4
Cylinder connection
Smart Pallet ForkLift 5
Control switch
Smart Pallet ForkLift 6


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