Telescopic boom lifts offer greater horizontal outreach than any other type of aerial platforms, allowing you to work in areas with limited access points.

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Telescopic boom lifts offer greater horizontal outreach than any other type of aerial platforms, allowing you to work in areas with limited access points.

MORNLIFT telescopic boom lift adopts a diesel engine that’s best for outdoor applications. Manoeuvrable jib and rotating basket allow for precise positioning of the platform. Telescopic boom lifts are mainly used for construction, airports, ports jobs as well as outdoor billboard installation.

telescopic boom lift Control box
Control box

Full proportion joysticks and CAN bus as well as PLC control system.High positioning accuracy; easy to operate.

telescopic boom lift Complete safety devices
Complete safety devices

Standard configuration includes four-link weighing devices, overload protection, automated detection device for detecting platform amplitude and height.

telescopic boom lift Swing-out engine tray
Swing-out engine tray

It is easy for maintenance and repai.

telescopic boom lift Driving mode 4*2/4*4(optional)
Driving mode 4*2/4*4(optional)

The four-wheel drive is powerful with great  gradeability

Electrical system

The operating buttons are clear and easy to understand. The protection class reaches IP65.

telescopic boom lift Electrical system
Powerful power system

The key components such as battery, traveling electric motor, controller and the gear reducer adopts pure European & American brand.

telescopic boom lift Powerful power system
Hydraulic system

The closed-circuit hydraulic traveling system is convenient for speed adjustment and has a wide speed adjustment range; the boom’s hydraulic system adopts double value core circuit.

The hydraulic components adopt European and North American pure brands.

telescopic boom lift Hydraulic system
Traveling system

The closed-circuit hydraulic traveling system consists of electro-proportional variable pump, hydraulic control variable motor and flow.




SPT121,830*76012.3200 kg10.5 m7.54*2.29*2.397,0003.2 km/h40%4*4*2Yanmar4TNV94L>>>>>>
SPT161,830*76016.2230 kg15 m7.7*2.28*2.3810,0004.2 km/h40%4*4*2Yanmar4TNV94L>>>>>>
SPT201,830*76020.3230 kg18 m9.3*2.49*2.7512,5004.2 km/h40%4*4*2Yanmar4TNV94L>>>>>>
SPT221,830*76022.1230 kg18 m10.97*2.49*313,0004.2 km/h40%4*4*2Yanmar4TNV94L>>>>>>
SPT261,830*76026230 kg22 m11.55*2.5*2.8316,5004.2 km/h40%4*4*2CumminsQSF2.8T-C71
SPT282,440*91028230 kg22 m13.5*2.5*2.8317,0004.4 km/h40%4*4*4CumminsQSF2.8T-C71
SPT302,440*91030.4230 kg21.4 m13*2.5*3.0818,5004.4 km/h40%4*4*4CumminsQSF2.8T-C71
SPT322,440*91032340 kg21.4 m14.4*2.5*3.0818,5004.4 km/h40%4*4*4CumminsQSF2.8T-C71
SPT362,440*91036.6230 kg21.4 m13*2.5*3.0822,1204.4 km/h40%4*4*4CumminsQSF2.8T-C71
SPT382,440*91038.4340 kg21.4 m14.1*2.5*3.0823,0004.4 km/h40%4*4*4CumminsQSF2.8T-C71
SPT422,440*91042230 kg23 m17*2.5*3.2823,6004.4 km/h40%4*4*4CumminsQSB3.9-C100
SPT562,440*91056230 kg26 m19.1*2.49*3.1527,5004.4 km/h40%4*4*4CumminsQSB3.9-C100


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