The Vertical Platform Lifts from MORNLIFT effortlessly adapt to height differences of up to six meters, both indoors and outdoors.


MORNLIFT wheelchair lift, also referred to as handicap lift, is built to provide convenient, easy and reliable wheelchair access up and down, in and out of a private residence such as garage, basement, exterior deck, front porch, as well as commercial places like libraries, cinemas, banks, hotels, and hospitals. It is simple in operation and durably built with rust-resistant components, thus suitable for both indoor and outdoor uses. The lift cab can be designed with straight through access or adjacent access to adapt to different landing floor access requirements. The vertical platform lift (VPL) can be operated by  wall-mounted push buttons or remote controls. To maximize its safety, it will not travel up or down unless its cab gate is closed. Each of our models can be customized to increase loading capacity, height, or whatever the customer’s needs.
wheelchair lift
Straight through vertical platform lift
Vertical Platform Lift 3
Adjacent access vertical platform lift


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